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Happy Customers

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12 Years



Happy Customers

Our Packages

E-Commerce License / Free Zone

Starting From

  • 100% Foreign Ownership
  • Free Consultation
  • *T&C Apply
Professional License / Project Management

Starting From

  • Investor Visa (2 Years)
  • UAE Sponsor
  • Establishment Card
  • Eligible for family sponsorship
  • Free Company Stamp
  • Bank account assistance
  • PRO Services
  • Free Consultation
  • *T&C Apply
Professional License / Technical Service

Starting From

  • Investor Visa (2 Years)
  • UAE Sponsor
  • Virtual office “Ejari”
  • Establishment card
  • Labour file
  • Free 6 quotas
  • Eligible for family sponsorship
  • Free Company Stamp
  • Bank account assistance
  • PRO Services & Free Consultation
  • *T&C Apply

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Starting a business in Dubai has never been more attractive. This emerging global high-tech hub is incentivizing business development at an unprecedented rate, but the process can be complex.

Let us set up your new business quickly, efficiently, economically, and correctly so that you can open your doors as quickly as possible and take advantage of the many lucrative opportunities in Dubai.

How To Setup
Your Company In Dubai

With Presto as your partner in company formation, the process is easy. We assist you with five key steps to setting up a business in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman Free Zones:

Step 1

Determine the legal entity required based on your business requirements including mainland, free zone, and offshore entities.


Prepare and submit documentation to the government authorities. We accurately handle the complexities of the paperwork process to get your business set up fast and hassle-free.


Apply for business licensing according to the type of business and activities. Choosing the right license requires in-depth understanding of the requirements to eliminate headaches.


Open a business bank account in Dubai Mainland, and the Sharjah and Ajman Free Zones. This process can be complex; we streamline it so you can be open for business quickly.


Assist with visas and other residency requirements. We assist individuals and companies with new residency visas for investors, families, and employees.

Our Services: Fast, Efficient, Hassle-free Support

Wherever you are, Presto is your “feet on the ground” team of experts and professional services that make it easy to establish a business presence in Dubai.


Customized, hassle free, and affordable registration and licensing services for any type of business.

POA and Notary

Power-of-attorney, tax, non-Muslim wells, and notary services to ensure a smooth legal and tax process.

PRO/Document Clearance

Fast, accurate, and efficient document preparation, adherence to all government regulations, and streamlining of government-related processes.

Visa and Residency Services

We process all types of residency visas (Investor, Family, and Employees) so key staff members are ready to do business immediately.

Value-Added Services

Application typing, company liquidation, business centres, tax consulting, printing, and more.

Office Space Rental Facilitation

We facilitate office space rentals so your office is ready on the day you open for business.

Bank Account Assistance

Leverage our relationship with top banks to open a business bank account quickly and efficiently.

Local Sponsor Services

We source and facilitate trustworthy, reliable, and low-risk sponsorships.

Trademark Registration and Document Attestation

Detail-oriented document and contract preparation in keeping with local regulations.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“I enjoyed working with Presto to set up my Dubai company. Everything went smoothly, there was constant communication, and my questions were answered promptly.”

Assaf Al Ali
Investor, Expert Line Management Consultancy

“I was expecting a logistical nightmare of setting up a company but was pleasantly surprised how Presto made a professional and efficient company setup so easy.”

Ashith Shridhar
Investor, Wrap Trend Technical Works

“From residency visas to licensing, Presto has been amazing. Fast, professional, and accurate. I highly recommend Presto!”


Girish Karwarkar
Owner, Krish International FZC

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