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Documentation is one of the most laborious and tedious (yet necessary) parts of starting and operating a business in Dubai. Our expert Notary services can help.

We will help you draft, translate, notarize, and attest your POA, contracts, agreements, etc. to comply with local regulations and protect your business.

Our Services

Presto offers high level, comprehensive document drafting, notarization, and attestation services in Dubai: everything you need is under one roof and customized to your requirements.


We will draft documents that will be accepted by a notary and the bank or government agency, to expedite the documentation process


We provide certified legal translation services of your document to English and many major foreign languages


We coordinate with our notary public partners to notarise your documents in person or online via video conferencing


We will attest your documents with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the relevant consulate should you need to use your notarized documents abroad

Expect professional, detail-oriented Power of Attorney

We provide fast and remote POA services, even if you are not in the country.

Whatever Your Document Needs, We Have You Covered!

Proper documentation is essential for operating a business in Dubai. Here are the types of documents we can assist with.

Power of Attorney

Power of Attorney allows you to give authority to another person(s) to act on your behalf in legal and financial matter.

Agreements and Contracts

We prepare agreements and contracts needed to set up and operate a business, or any legal agreements between two parties


We prepare and assist with notarizing different types of declarations on your behalf to satisfy local regulations

Legal Notices

We prepare legal notices attested by the Notary Public to inform an individual or entity to perform or refrain from a specific act


We prepare affidavits to protect your interests in various business and personal matters.

Wills & testaments

We help draft wills and testaments to facilitate the transfer of property and expedite legal matters

Our Process

Step 1: Consultation

Our private notary Dubai service offerings begin with an expert assessment of your specific needs, challenges, and goals.

From there, we advise customized document preparation and notary services that overcome obstacles and help you achieve your goals

Step 2: Drafting and Translation

Our experts draft documents according to your needs, and explain implications of important clauses to protect your interests.

We will have these documents translated by a certified legal translator into English and other major international languages

Step 3: Notarisation

As a notarization service in Dubai, we work with top public notary partners to verify and record documents.

We offer multiple options for your convenience: online using video conferencing, or face-to-face in our office or yours

Step 4: Attestation

If you need to use documents that have been notarized in Dubai outside the country, we can help.

We submit notarized documents to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and relevant consulates for attestation.

How do we produce quality documents that won’t fail you?

We provide documents that you can use effectively and won’t jeopardize your interests. We are court-certified. We have 12+ years of experience. We are knowledgeable about compliance and requirements, and completely transparent in our communications..

Legally sound

We comply with local laws and ensure your documents are accepted by the notary and


In Compliance

We draft documents using the phrasing expected by the relevant entity (banks, government authorities, etc.)

Adequate privileges

Our documents grant each party the privileges they need to use the document, and ensure acceptance.

Complete details

Don’t take chances with your documents. We ensure quality and acceptance.

Why Choose Us

Don’t take chances with your documents. We ensure quality and acceptance.

Quality Documents

We keep up with changing legislation and requirements, to ensure your document is accepted when you submit it.

12 Years Experience

We have been serving individuals and companies for 12 years with full drafting and notary facilitation services.

Online / In Person

We offer in-person services at our office or yours, as well as online services including payments..

Trusted Network

We liaise daily with many government and non-government entities and prepare documents that meet their needs.

Comprehensive Services

From drafting to attestation, we provide the convenience of an end-to-end service, in-person or online


Our affordable high quality services optimize value and help you put your resources into your business

What Our Customers Are Saying

“Preparing the power of attorney for my clients was a big task for me. Since I started dealing with Presto it’s become very easy. Presto Businessman services are specialized in preparing notarized agreements and power of attorneys”

Osama Saeed
Executive Director, Business Setup FZE

“Presto Businessman services is the definition of professionalism. For the past few years, I relied on Presto for all my legal work, including Power of Attorney.”


Ahmed Farouk

“Presto business is a one-stop shop for all types of agreements. I constantly deal with foreign clients. Whenever a need a mutual or partnership agreement, I always approach Presto.”

Philip David Walton
CEO, The Dress Code LLC

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